Introducing Haramayn Guide

An App for Those Who Wish to Learn, Explore and Visit the Holy Places in
Makkah and Medina
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About Haramayn Guide

Haramayn Guide is your personal tour guide bundled with features, functionalities and information you could ever ask for! The app lets you locate the Holy Places of Islam in Makkah and Medina, and also lets you learn more about the history of the ancient places, the chronicles of the associated personalities and the sacred events.

The app is also a great companion for the Hajj and Umrah, enabling you to perform your pilgrim with complete confidence and peace of mind. Plus, it comes with a companion tracker that lets you know the locations of your travel companions, friends or family. .


Locate Ziyaraat


Find and explore up to 100+ sacred places in the Two Holy Cities of Islam and discover more about the locations you have not known before.

Weather Report

Weather Report

Get the real-time weather alerts to your phone while you roam the holy cities, Makkah and Medina

Qibla Compass

Qibla Compass

Discover the accurate Qibla direction while traveling the outer areas of Makkah or Medina

Prayer Timings

Prayer Timings

View the accurate prayer timings while you are in Makkah or Medina, and also get prayer alerts.

Audio Recitals

My Trips

Remove inconveniences from your visit to the Two Holy Sanctuaries by planning and personalizing your own trip



Learn more about the detailed history related to the famous places, personalities and events.

Islamic Calendar


View the Islamic dates and stay up to date with the Islamic events for the current year.

Advance Search feature.

Advance Search Feature

Discover with a single touch all the Holy places, information related to legendary personalities and duas/recitals.


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